Write Your Book Mentorship

Supporting You in Sharing Your Brilliance through the Birthing of Your Book.

"Don't forget - no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell."
~Charles de Lint

When did you first realize that you have an inner author deep within your soul?

When did you first notice the urge to create your legacy through your writing?

I believe that every one of us has a hidden author within. Some of us become aware of this from a very early age and make the decision when we are children that we WILL become authors, or others, like me, realize later on in life!

What about you?

Over the years, I have met with and supported many first-time and seasoned authors who have shared how their journey began when they were children. They loved writing stories, poetry, and even making their own little books.

So, what about you? When did you decide that you wanted to write your first or next book?

It is time to share your story or message with the world. Don’t leave it any longer, allow your voice to be heard. Someone is waiting to receive your wisdom.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
~Maya Angelou

How long ago was it that you felt your first urge? Whenever it was, know that there is someone waiting to receive your wisdom.

Are you ready to answer their call?

Everyone is different and some start later on, like me … I had no desire to be an author. Or, that’s what I told myself. I think that it’s the perfect time for me to introduce myself.

Your Readers are Waiting!

I believe that everyone has a book inside of them waiting to be birthed into the world.

I'm Debbie

I support authors like you in tapping into your brilliance as an author and supporting you in birthing your book or other soul projects. Think of me as your very own book midwife. I am there with you from that initial idea, to gaining clarity with your vision, to finding the best team to support your vision and right through to birthing your book (publishing, promoting and beyond). I support you as much or as little as you need.

The best part is that I am also an experienced author myself. So, I am supporting you from my experience and sharing my expertise and not something I learned from a book.

One of my proudest moments was when I became an author for the very first time. I had no idea whether or not my writing would be good enough, or whether people would want to read it. I wasn’t one of those authors who started writing as a child because my bubble burst completely when I was younger.

You see, when I was around 15, my English Literature teacher at the time told me that she was not putting me forward to do the English Literature O’Levels exam because she didn’t think I would pass. She was probably right, but we will never know, because she gave me permission to accept failure. In my teens, I didn’t have a voice, to object, I was taught to respect my elders and those in authority because they knew best and they are always right.

I spent the rest of my teens and early adulthood thinking that I was a poor reader because I read really slow. I thought I would be rubbish at writing, had a limited vocabulary, and that I just wasn’t good enough academically.

I spent most of my 20s and some of my 30s gaining qualification after qualification – BSc (Hons) Computing and Business, Masters in Business Administration and numerous coaching, mentoring IT service management, project management and other qualifications … i could go on, but I will stop there, you get the drift! I was over qualified for many, yet, there was always this niggling feeling of being a poor reader, even after the qualifications.

So, when an opportunity came up after I had started my coaching and mentoring business, to write a chapter in a collaborative book my initial insecurities visited briefly, then I decided to just go for it! I shared a story in Women of Power, Women of Destiny: Moving from Fear to Faith to Freedom. That entire writing journey was filled with many ups and downs:

  • Yay, I’m finally able to show that I am fantastic;
  • Oh, no! Who would want to read what I have to write.
  • There is nothing significant in my life’s journey;
  • And on and on and on!

On so many occasions, I thought there was no way I would share my story, yet I mustered up everything inside to get my chapter of 2000 words completed and shared. This journey made me realize just how amazing an author I was.

Since then, I have had others contact me ans share that my story in that book was so inspiring to them and that they made significant changes in their lives just from my stotry. I was bitten by the writing bug … I did my own anthology with a group of 7 other authors when we shared The Power of Your Inner Brilliance which was released in November 2019.

Since then, I’ve been published in three further collaborative books two of which I managed.

#1 International Best Selling Author

Debbie is the author of multiple best-selling books and has supported other authors in their authoring journey, from idea to publishing. Debbie has supported over 40 authors in making their authoring dreams a reality and actively supported 15 books in being birthed into the world successfully, the majority have been Amazon best-selling books.

"If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it."
~Toni Morrison

There’s nothing like the feel of holding your own published book in your hands. It is a moment you will cherish forever!

Never in a million years did I think I would be an author, let alone a #1 International Best-Selling Author of multiple books. You, too, can answer the calling on your soul and leave your legacy through your words. Are you ready to answer the call and shine your light even brighter into the world?

Of course, you can…. if a girl who was told she couldn’t do this, has proven that it can be done, you have not excuse. The more someone says you cannot or you should not, the more you can use that to motivate you into your brilliance. You are still here and reading so why not book a call, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point.

Let’s do this together.

Your Masterpiece Awaits ... Are you Ready to Co-Create?

Books I Have Supported Clients With?

I am honored to have partnered with a number of authors over the years in beginning and continuing their authoring journey as they birth their books into the world. I have supported them as a Publisher through Carnelian Moon Publishing.

Here are some of the books that I have been involved in supporting authors with.

Or it could even have been when you started your first business. Many authors today have had a deep desire to be a published author for many years.

Are you someone who has a rolling new year resolution to write your book. 

How about ticking this item off your bucket list once and for all.

We know the importance of sharing your wisdom with the world and releasing your book

Wondering How I Can Support You?

As your very own Book Mentor, I can support you in a number of ways. No matter where you are on your journey, becasue of my vast experience of being an author myself and supporting others in tapping into their genius ideas and then writing their book, designing their book, editing their book, connecting with the best experts in design, editing and layout, as well as publishing guidance and support. I can also support you in gaining the exposure required to make your book an even greater success.

Idea & Vision

You have amazing ideas about a book, yet you just don’t know where to get things moving. Let’s brain dump your ideas and explore the possibilities available for your book, who knows, there may even be a few books, and that’s why it’s not as clear for you as yet. You will have a crystal clear vision of not only your book, but also how this will impact your business and your life in general.

Authenticity & Alignment

We explore all aspects of your creative genius from mapping your ideas out, creating your book outline, writing your book and then passing it onto the next phase.

It’s time to hand your book over to the experts! Yes, take a big gulp! Actually, scratch that …. you have had me every step along your journey so far so you know that you just have to ……BREATHE! You are ready for this.

Personalized Process & Guidance

You will be guided through the process of selecting the best publishing model for you, do you self publish, go traditional through an agent or pay for your book to be published through one of the many hybrid publishers? I’ve got connections!

Even at this stage, I am here with you as you promote and sell your books, preparing you for what will come next and how to continue promoting long after your launch.

Sounds too easy to be true!

Read what others have said about their authoring journey with me by their side.
Konyka dunson

“Working with Debbie has been a Godsend, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s rare to encounter someone who possesses the compassion, tenacity, understanding, genuine insight and project management leadership skills to help shepherd you emotionally and goal wise through each stage of the publishing journey.

She offered the structure and also the amazing warmth, belief and positivity that made it a joy to work with her. Her belief is almost palpable, a feeling that she will be with you, to birth your most amazing book! I highly recommend having her as a book mentor and coach who can lift you and your beautiful book vision to fruition!”

Konyka Dunson
Washington, DC, USA

“I cannot speak highly enough of Debbie Belnavis-Brimble, an amazing author, editor, mentor, and coach galore! When I started writing my book four years ago, I felt stuck because I lacked direction and guidance to birth my dream book. I spent thousands of dollars in publishing costs and believed my book would end up in the dumpster. However, Debbie saved the day!

Not only did Debbie share techniques, tips and step-by-step strategies to publishing my book, she worked tirelessly to revise, edit, and layout  my manuscript to the highest standards!  Consequently, my book was published and became an Amazon bestseller in many categories.

Debbie’s high level of professionalism and warm, down-to-earth personality are a rare, refreshing, and most welcoming to the daunting process of writing and publishing a book.

I highly recommend Debbie for anyone wanting to write a book and receive stellar, topnotch coaching, mentoring and support in every way and every stage of writing. She will help you step into your writing journey and emerge as a published author.”

Brian Keith South
California, USA

Why do it alone when you can partner with the best and create magic?​

Let’s get started together!