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Meet Our #1 International Best-Selling Author and Learn About Her Books

Debbie Belnavis-Brimble is a #1 International Best-Selling Author of several books, including The Power of Your Inner Brilliance, Messages to My Younger Self, Manifested Blessings, among others. She has written for several magazines, including Motivated Mompreneur, Shine UK, among others. She thoroughly enjoys writing, although if you told her that in her 20’s and 30’s, she would have told you otherwise. Debbie went through the majority of her teens and adult life thinking that she was terrible at writing, a slow reader, and definitely didn’t think that she would ever become an author.

Today, she is the #1 Best-Selling Author of multiple books in the self-help genre. As the Inner Brilliance Mentor, Founder of the Inner Brilliance Academy, and other organizations supporting women in sharing their gifts and message with the world.

Please find out about Debbie’s books below and her future writing projects. She loves expressing her creativity by sharing her work through her words and leaving her legacy through her books that are inspiring, empowering, educational, and supportive of women and children in owning their unique brilliance and shining brighter in the world.

Debbie's Books


The Power of Your Inner Brilliance

Stories of Self-Love, Self-Worth & Inner Confidence

These eight inspirational female leaders from four countries have come together on a soul mission to support others around the world to be healed by their stories, their journeys, and their message which has resulted in a magical experience for the readers. They have exposed themselves for the very first time, sharing some of their most intimate stories allowing you to see themselves in their brilliance. They share compelling stories, experiences, wisdom, and truth to support you in stepping through your own personal challenge you may be facing right now to support you in embracing your own inner brilliance. The powerful messages support the reader in reconnecting with self-love, self-worth and inner confidence as you courageously decide to embrace your brilliance fully. Remember, you are brilliant, you always have been and you always will be brilliant.


Behind those Heels

Extraordinary lives are born from journeys filled with significant challenges.

– ending up in the back seat of the police car bare feet;
– living in your car with your partner and pets after becoming homeless;
– struggling with your weight for your entire life.

In this very first Behind those Heels book in the series, we have compiled the journey of ten women who are enjoying extraordinary success following some tough challenges. These ten powerful messages are being shared to inspire and ignite change for every reader. The authors have shared from a place of transparency and authenticity to support your own transformation.

This book was created to positively impact the lives of people who are currently facing challenges as well as those who will face various challenges in the future. As well as stories, there are strategies shared to support you in claiming your inner power and taking your empowered action too.

The book speaks to the hearts and souls of women around the world who will relate to the stories shared by the authors who have poured themselves into sharing their courageous journey. You are reminded through the pages of this book that you are never alone and that you too have your own Behind those Heels story. Are you ready to share yours?


Messages to my Younger Self

Messages to Nourish and Heal the Soul.

Ever wished for hindsight wisdom before making major decisions? Discover an intimate collection of hard-earned advice to help you on your journey.

Do you want to avoid looking back and wondering “what if”? Are you afraid to choose the wrong path at a crossroads? Need encouragement to follow your instincts? The co-founders of Carnelian Moon Publishing have gathered over nine hundred years of combined experience represented by eighteen authors from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines. Now they are here to share lessons learned that can release the gift your heart needs to move forward brimming with confidence.

Messages to My Younger Self: Messages to Heal and Nourish the Soul┬áis a meaningful and thought-provoking compilation of essays designed to give you priceless insight beyond your years. With every letter addressed “Dear Younger Self,” each writer conveys personal knowledge since gained that would have been essential to their past… and may hold crucial insights for your future. Introspective and empowering, this book can help women and men of all ages to overcome any challenge or obstacle and turn it into stunning success.


Manifested Blessings

This book holds powerful stories as told by five authors from around the world. As you sink into your favorite reading space, enjoy getting to know the authors through their stories of personal challenges, difficulties, uncertainties. Then, uncover their breakthroughs, their moments of revelation, triumph, and realization that steps them through to their greatest opportunities, life decisions, and profound love for themselves and others.

Debbie's Future Projects

Now that Debbie has well and truly caught the writing bug, she spends a lot of her time identifying her next writing project. Some of her current projects are shared below.

Self-Help Books

Since releasing a number of collaborative books over the past few years, Debbie is now working on some solo books focusing on supporting the reader in regaining and reigniting their inner power.

Affirmation Deck for Children

Debbie’s heart is always with children, even when working with mothers. She knows that her work impacts the future leaders in their lives. When they see their mother living their best life, they, in turn know that they too can live the life they desire and truly deserve.

Children's Books

There’s nothing like seeing the smile on their face and the awe in their eyes as they are taken on an adventure through books. Debbie is working on a number of books infused with Neuro Linguistics Programming to empower children to love themselves and embrace the difference in eveyrone and everything around them.