About Debbie

Imaging Living a Life of Purpose, with Passion and Infinite Possibilities .... Ahhhh Brilliant!

You are now ready to rid the clutter of your mind, identify your true desires and design a life that makes your heart skip a beat. You want to totally dig the woman you are on the inside, reconnect with your values and fall in love with yourself once more. You want to reconnect with what makes you brilliant, feel in total control of where your life is heading, and have a clear blueprint of the empowered action to take. So, how does your life compare? You fantasize about the day when you have total freedom of your life, able to do what you want when you want and with whom you want. You are struggling to be in control of your life, you no longer have decision-making responsibility for your own life. You can’t remember the last time you really enjoyed what you do for a living in your business or your job. You feel awful because you just aren’t bringing in enough cash to support your family. A little piece of you is holding onto your desired dreams of being the creator of your own destiny.
As a successful Inner Brilliance Mentor, Business Coach, Author and International Speaker,  I have inspired women around the world, who are empowered by their choices and are:
  • Embracing their newly formed desired goals which are crystal clear, taking the empowering actions required and achieving their successes.
  • Reconnecting with their personal brilliance – their inner power, creativity and resourcefulness. Loving who they are in all their brilliance by identifying their gifts, formulating a blueprint to their success and initiating their inner resources.
  • In short, women who are taking back full control of their lives and destiny!

Your Personal Fairy God Mother

Working with me is like having your own FAIRY GODMOTHER cheering you on to your successes. I will be pushing you like a nurturing Mother who knows that you are filled with greatness and just wants you to see what I see. I’m not stopping until you see your own Brilliance!
  • Processes and Strategies to equip you for any challenge along your journey.
  • Guidance, support and accountability you need, when you need.
  • We deep dive into all areas of your life and business and identifying your true desires and what you value and believe.
  • Plus ….. you have access to everything I know about business, being a manager, starting your own business, stepping away from your dead-end job to living your desires.
  • My clients always say that they experience an awakening, leading to their REBIRTH!

I am so excited that you are here to explore the possibilities and learn a bit more about me. You maybe here because you want to learn more about how I can support you in your journey and what qualifies me to being that person that is here to support you in this next chapter in your journey.

By the time you finish reading this page, it is my intention that you will know whether I am the ideal guide for you and where you are right now. As you read, I invite you to feel into your intuition, your inner knowing and be guided in your decision.

Thank you for answering the call to the desires of your heart and soul. I look forward to connecting with you and learning more about you and your true desires and how we pay partner in making them a reality.

Remember, you are brilliant, you always have been and you always be.

I am a ....

Woman ~ Mother ~ Wife ~ Entrepreneur ~ Empowered

The Woman

First and foremost, I am a woman. I see myself as the Goddess of Love and Healing! I have been on my own personal healing journey for many years. It has been a journey filed with many lessons learned, particularly relating to releasing the limiting beliefs, feelings of being judged by others, not fully embracing my gifts and God-given talents, hiding from my deep spirituality.

Today, I continue to heal, release that which no longer serves me, fall madly in love with the person in the mirror and be true to myself and who God created me to be, sharing my gifts with the world in all my authenticity and truth.

I listen to my intuition, as I live the life that has been created for me and as I am guided to. I appreciate all the blessings in my life and practice gratitude as one of my healing tools. I use my gifts to support others in their journey as they embrace who they are meant to be in all their power.

The Mother

I am a mother to a highly sensitive little soul who choose me to be his Mommy. I am honored to be the protector, nurturer, guide, teacher, mentor and love to my greatest gift from God thus far in my life. This is my treasure, my why, my purpose and my greatest teacher.

As a mother, I have learned so much about myself and others and am guided to share all my lessons with others through teachings and work.

The Wife

The wife of the most supportive, loving, man filled with so much unwavering belief, even on those occasions where I lose sight of my vision, he reminds me and holds me firmly. My rock! Someone once told my mother who raised very independent daughters that I was ‘fiercely independent’, and I saw that as a badge of honor then. I now know what it is to also be dependent and be in my feminine while the masculine energy in my life supports me and balances me.

It happens when it is meant to happen. Don’t rush the process, just believe!

The Entrepreneur

I am what you call a serial entrepreneur because I have started a number of businesses over the years. When I was younger I started by investing in a pack of beads to make jewelry to sell back to the company I purchased from. Little did I know that was my first adventure into being an entrepreneur. I have always had a passion to support others and when I was a little girl I wanted to own my own clothing store, be a designer and design beautiful gowns for women, own my own hair saloon. It wasn’t until I was much older and realized that all the businesses I wanted to have were to support women in feeling, looking and being beautiful.

Today, I do that, but more on the inside, because in all my knowing, what we do on the inside displays on the outside and that’s where our beauty comes from … it’s an inside job.

Roll on 30 years, today, I have multiple ventures on the go including:

  • The Inner Brilliance Academy;
  • Brilliance Gems;
  • Carnelian Moon Publishing;
  • Behind those Heels

Supporting powerful women (and a few men who have a balanced masculine and feminine).

For many years, I thought that I had to prove myself to others, I thought that I had to live my life as others had wanted me to, toeing the line, not aiming too high because it would make others feel uncomfortable. I went for a 9-5 job, numerous promotions, and went for qualification after qualification, until I realized that if your face doesn’t fit in the corporate world, you are just wasting your time and energy. My manager was far less qualified and needed me to guide her. After winning national and organisational awards.

The Empowered

As a truly empowered woman who has learned that truly empowered women empower others. I have made my fair share of mistakes in my life and the power is in the lessons learned. As we say in NLP, there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. I therefore live my life seeking the lessons. One that is empowered, knows that they are on a neverending journey of challenges, lessons, insight, and I live my days supporting others in finding their lessons and putting the lessons into new realizations, new ways of BEing and new ways of embracing their authenticity.

The Choice is now Yours ... Are you ready to take control of your life?

I invite you to lean even further into yourself, you know more about me, what path is your inner knowing guiding you to take. I have a number of options available for you to engage with me, I am ready to meet you where you are … now breathe, you are no longer on this journey alone anymore …. now let’s elevate your life together!

Online Experiences

There are several online experiences that have been created to support you in your journey wherever you are right now.

You may wish to rediscover your inner brilliance and reconnect with that intimate part of you once more. You may wish to embark on starting your own business and looking for an easy way forward, or perhaps you are looking to gain more confidence in yourself or even tackle one of those soul projects you have been placing on the back burner. Explore your possibilities through the Inner Brilliance Academy.

Group Mentoring & Coaching

I love doing masterminds and group programs because you benefit not only from my own personal experiences, lessons and qualifications, you also benefit from the community. I have seen some of the most magnificent sisterhoods form from being a part of these masterminds. Lifelong friends, business associates, business partners, supportive sisters, and so much more.

Being a part of a mastermind provides even more accountability, resulting in you greater success, because let’s be honest … who wants to let their sister down?

One-on-One VIP Mentoring

I offer a VIP opportunity to six clients per year. I pour all of my energy and focus into your success and therefore select only clients who are really ready to take their soul projects to the next level of success. These journeys are usually between 6 and 12 months, depending on what you are focusing on.

We review where you are in your journey, where you desire to be and create a blueprint for your success to elevate your life and business or career.

I love these sessions because it allows you to tap into your inner power on an even greater level and deliver on some of the soul projects that you have been yearning for.